Osprey Gas Pressure Monitors

Abriox latest product range, the OSPREY Gas Pressure Monitors has been in the market recently. After successfully selling Merlin Cathodic Protection Monitoring system worldwide, the company OSPREY monitors targets Gas Pipeline operators.

The intrinsically safe, battery powered OSPREY Pressure Validator can be installed in bollards, test posts and meter boxes. Data transmission is by SMS to the PressureTrac Software either automatically or on-demand. Installation of the Pressure Validator can be done in less than 30 minutes and is weather-proof. The GPS built-in unit enables the software to identify its geographic location automatically.

Multi-channel adaptor is available to monitor multiple pressure regime, from 100mbar to 7bar. Data storage is at least 10 years and the memory will be retained even if the battery is disconnected. Immediate alerts will be send user when the alarm is triggered.

OSPREY PressureTac is the dedicated pressure management software for displaying, recording and exporting data. 

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