Merlin CP Remote Monitoring

Abroix is a dynamic high technology company based in United Kingdom. Their offices are located in Newport-UK, Ohio-USA & New South Wales-Australia. Abriox core expertise is development of remote monitoring system for utilities services, mainly Cathodic Protection and Gas Pressure monitoring. The company aim is to exceed customer expectations with high level of quality, service and technical support.

Abriox products includes;
MERLIN Remote Monitoring for Cathodic Protection System
OSPREY Gas Pressure Monitoring

MERLIN CP Remote Monitoring
Cathodic Protection (CP) is an important asset to pipeline operator. The system ensure the pipeline is protected against corrosion and monitoring of its performance is essential. Abriox understand the need to monitor the CP system consistently, hence the Merlin CP Monitors helps pipeline operators to have the actual data on their hands every hour.

MERLIN major economics, operational, safety & environmental benefits;
- Reducing cost of data collection
- Improving quality of data
- Reduce safety risk to technicians
- Increasing efficiency
- Zero carbon footprint

 MERLIN monitors the following asset;
- Transformer Rectifier Units - measures Electric Supply, Voltage & Current output, ON-OFF Pipe-to-Soil Potentials
- Test Stations - measures ON-OFF Pipe-to-Soil Potentials, Coupons Currents & Potentials
Bonding Box - measures Bonding Currents & Potentials
- Remote Interrupter - when use with Transformer Rectifier Monitors, the Interrupter module allows Interruption for ON-OFF Potential measurement to be activated remotely

The Abriox Merlin CP Remote Monitoring system is a complete solutions for 24/7 CP data management. A completely wireless monitoring system for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and all Industries.

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