Customized Remote Monitoring

EMTEC specializes in customizing Remote Monitoring System (WRMu) based on client specifications. Standard monitoring system off-the-shelf may not be always the best solutions. Some of our experience includes;

1. Monitoring of water and electricity consumption. Consumption information is delivered to your personal computers on daily basis. Monthly report are generated for easy viewing and reporting. The system works with Custody Metering with Pulse output capability and housed in IP65 rated enclosure.

2. Monitoring of remote Gas Stations where there isn't any power supply. Our WRMu system is powered by long-life batteries, it can also be configured to be Solar Powered. The system monitors Pressure, Temperature, Slam-Shut Valves and even security (Door Open Alarm).

WRMu is suitable for monitoring of;
- Water Level

- Noise
- Air Quality
- Power Supply Interruption
- Vibration
- many others....

WRMu System sends Alarms directly to end-user via SMS & Email for immediate attention. Other forms of data transfer can also be adopted, eg: SCADA, WiMax and Satellie communications.

Do send us your specifications and monitoring expectations, we will be pleased to work out the most efficient solution.

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