Wireless Remote Monitoring

Data collection and monitoring on-site activities are made easier and automated by utilizing Wireless Remote Monitoring (WRMu) System. Field data are collected and transmitted via secured SMS/GPRS system provided by local Telco. The SMS/GPRS data will be collected and stored in a server hosted by EMTEC Solutions for data access via Web browser. Restricted data access to a single Personal Laptop/Desktop is also available.

WRMu System is designed to be slave to Supervisory Controllers and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System. Field WRMu Devices are installed at site where monitoring is required, the field devices will collect data and transfer using GSM/GPRS network. This system offer real-time monitoring, data logging capabilities and online data access thru web browser.

End-user will be able to access their data via a dedicated secured website. Security Login and Password will be provided for every user. The webpage allows data to be downloaded as MS Excel format file. Flexibility of EMTEC’s WRMu system allows clients to set and receive Alarm thru Handphone. 

WRMu system monitoring and data acquisition is not limited to the following;
- Water Level & Quality management

- Water/Gas Pressure Monitoring
- Noise Monitoring
- Air Quality Monitoring
- Temperature Monitoring
- Cathodic Protection Systems
- Power Supply Interruption
- Vibration Monitoring
- Custody Metering for Water, Gas & Electricity
- various others.....

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