SplashZone Protection System

Tidal Zone or Splash Zone corrosion found at Jetty Piles and Offshore structures spells disasters if not managed from early stage. Structures at such areas are normally designed with corrosion allowance, however the design does little consideration for corrosion due to pitting. Pitting corrosion is a localized metallic oxidation found mainly on coated structures. Pitting corrosion also initiate Stress Corrosion Cracking.

Since Cathodic Protection is not effective to mitigate corrosion at Splash Zone and Painting system does not last, it is essential to install HDPE Jackets with anti-corrosion petrolatum tape beneath it. The Splash-Pro Bolted M2 system comprised of petrolatum-based paste STACPrime UW, petrolatum marine tape STACwrap and custom made UV resistance HDPE Jackets.

Total coverage for each piles is recommended to be 0.6m (2ft) above the average high tide level and 0.6m (2ft) below the average low tide level. Typically between 4m to 6m height. Splash-pro is built to last and maintenance-free. Though not necessary, metal thickness inspection can be carried by removing the HDPE Jackets.

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