Consultancy & Engineering Services

Selecting the most suitable and efficient Cathodic Protection system to protect metallic structures is not an easy task. There are various conditions to consider in the initial stage of design, such as Environmental, Surrounding structures, Regulatory requirements, Time and most importantly Budget during construction, operating cost and maintenance. 

With combine expertise, experience & knowledge of more than 20 years in Corrosion and Cathodic Protection, EMTEC is able to proposed the most suitable and efficient solutions for your corrosion and integrity management. 

- Prepare Technical Specifications for Owners, Project Consultant, Contractors and Sub-contractors
- Specification prepared by NACE Certified
 CP Technologist shall be endorsed by NACE CP Specialist
- Review & Endorsement of Cathodic Protection System Design and Engineering Calculation
- Providing 3rd Party expertise to Owners, Project Consultant and Contractors
- Classroom & Field Training on Cathodic Protection, Corrosion and use of Equipment

- Engineering Design for Cathodic Protection system 
- Prepare Technical Proposal and Drawing
- Cathodic Protection Inspection & Audits 
- AC/DC Strays Audits and Mitigation
- Maintenance and installation of Cathodic Protection system
- Providing Turn-Key project management solutions


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