Cathodic Protection System Management

Cathodic Protection System Management (CSM) was developed to assist CP System owners and operators to manage their data and documents. CP owners and operators perform inspection and maintenance onto their system regularly. With hundreds of Test Stations and CP Units (Transformer Rectifier with Groundbeds), managing these data can be a nightmare. Does it happens when you need the historical data of a particular Test Station or CP Units and cannot find any?

CSM is a Window based software to assist and eliminates your worries. Main objective of CSM is to consolidate all data and measurement taken at Test Stations and CP Unit. Its unique function allows operators to get an alarm when maintenance schedule is overdue.

- Stores information related to Test Stations and CP Units

     - Location, GPS Coordinates, Photos, Description
     - Pipeline Potential, Voltage & Current output 
     - Maintenance schedule
     - Maintenance budget
- Ease of Report Generation
     - Report on Monthly and yearly pipeline potential records with charts
     - Overall "Max, Min, Average Pipe Potential"
- Easy to set Reminder
     - Set reminder for schedule maintenance

XL Version offers fully customized solutions for advance user
- Data entry directly from Excel Spreadsheet or Remote Monitoring database
- Secured Web-based access for multiple user
- Automatic Monthly report
- Receive alarm via emails / SMS
- Create yearly CP maintenance schedule
- Estimates yearly CP maintence budget
- CP System design information

CMS-XL is customizable to meet CP operators' day to day operation's needs. Do contact our sales staff for a solution.