Our History

EMTEC Solutions was incorporated in 2005. The founding members collectively brought over 30 years of Printed Circuit Board manufacturing technology experience. Today we are the Asia Regional Representative for GraphicCode Inc, DDM Novastar Inc, ScanCad International and DigitalTest GmbH range of products.

2014 marks a major changes to EMTEC Solutions Pte Ltd. The company expands its operation with introduction of Engineering Services Division. Our target customers are mostly related to Oil & Gas industries and Government related companies. The Division focus in providing Cathodic Protection Engineering and Remote Monitoring System solutions. The company has successfully gain Bizsafe 3 Certification.

EMTEC engineers are NACE Certified with a more than a decade of experience in the corrosion prevention and Cathodic Protection industry. Our experience list spread from South East Asia region to the Middle East. 

We are representative of Abriox UK remote monitoring system for Cathodic Protection and Gas Pressure monitoring. In addition, EMTEC offers customized Remote Monitoring system which varies from Custody Metering (Water & Electricity), Gas Stations (Pressure & Slam-Shut valves) to Noise and Water Level.

We are also representative for Tarn-Pure Water Ionisation system from UK. The Copper-Silver Ionisation system replaces the traditional Chlorine treatment system. Tarn-Pure Water employs well-proven Copper-Silver Ionisation process. The system is approved and endorsed by WHO.

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